Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Painted Pocket Journals

These new journals are for my class at Journalfest. I always make more of the thing I am teaching as I write the instructions for the project. These each have some painted stenciled fabric on them. I love the process of creating the fabric to the end product, so much fun!
Some of the painted fabrics used in the books. These books have not been embellished yet. They will receive more paint, stamps, beads, charms, mini-books for the pockets etc.
I like to variegate the top color of paint, this will get another layer of painted lines etc. on top.

This is one of my new stencils, I used a roller brush instead of the spray paint. I like the ease of spray paint but I hate the smell. If I use spray paint I have to let the pieces out-gas for days before I can use them.

First I gessoed a piece of linen, made some scribble marks and then painted a layer of red.


  1. i LOVE this! :) i'm so excited for journalfest! :) i'm in this class and i can't wait! :)

  2. So appealing! Your work makes me think of an opportunity to create and exhibit at The Sketchbook Project. I could see something wonderful coming from your studio! Maybe you are already familiar with it? It's at and I learned about it from in her Aug. 10 entry.

  3. Love your stuff Roxanne! I took 2 of your classes last summer at Art Fiber Fest. How about submitting some projects for Art and Soul to Glenny - you could even get in for Portland this year possibly - I'd love to see you there.

  4. I like how they look. I think they'd make great presents for kids.

  5. These are great!!! A good reminder that if we can't find a fabric we like, it's a good idea to just create it!!

  6. Oh these books are yummy, the photos just draws me in and I want to look inside! :-) Love the oval stencil forms too! Nice!