Saturday, September 11, 2010

Birds of Poetry

Working on some Birds of Poetry for my Journalfest class. I had to make a Halloween one. I want to make another one that is not so cute. Maybe a little more dark and funky, minus the cute hat.

This is the back of the piece. I think the hat may have to go! The legs are white colored penciled that I painted stripes on.

Detail of the back, the quote is from a lyric from a Talking Heads song.
A painted and stitched heart, I like that part the best.
This is the front of this bird, which I think is less interesting than the back, all the fabric is hand-painted or dyed. And the tree is stenciled on.

This is the back, which is a stenciled piece of fabric, with a pocket that holds a small book.


  1. These are terrific. But I like the hat! Makes the bird jaunty, adds a bit of personality.

  2. Hi there! LOVE these birds! They are great! I am crazy about the pocket and the little book inside!!! Too cool!

  3. these are great! i'm excited for journalfest. i'm in this class, too! i can't wait. wow, it's coming up soon!