Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back from Journalfest

I had a great time at Journalfest, this is the car on the way back to Seattle with my sister, Adele. We were packed to the brim, it was my friend Diane's car, we were dragging all the way to and from Port Townsend, literally!
I am so thankful for all the wonderful and CREATIVE ladies who signed up for my classes, I hope you all will stay in touch and will send me photo's of your finished projects. I would love to post them on this blog. I'm already thinking about Artfest in April.

I am also thankful for Adele and Diane being my "people", if I was cool, I would say "my peeps".

This is one of the many ways we entertained our selves, we are so easily entertained! I still have to un-pack and finish my journalfest journal. More to come!


  1. Oh Journalfest. Someday I will go to that, but until I can afford two trips across the states, I will settle for Artfest.

    BTW, I am in your class on Friday for the Mixed Media Portraits. Can't wait!

  2. thanks for a truly enjoyable class're the best! I had such fun and learned a few new tricks.

    love, violette

  3. i had such a great time in your class at journalfest! thanks so much! hope to see you again at journalfest next year! :)