Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stenciled Journal Journey Class

If you are taking my stencil class at journalfest, just some ideas for stencil designs.
Photos for stencils- look for bold, simple strong lines and shapes. You can make a stencil design from almost any image. For photos you can start with a black and white or convert a photo over on your computer. This is a photo I took out of a book, it was already black and white, I made it mostly black on my computer, but if you have a simple strong image you don't have to do that. You will be tracing the images over a transparency , so you can draw what parts of the image you want. For other stencils you can look for things that have a strong silhouette. You can find design ideas anywhere, shopping bags, wrapping paper, magazines, anything. I will have stuff in class to play with, so don't worry to much about an image, unless you have something personal you want to bring.


  1. i'd love to be taking your you offer any online teachings? i really like the qualities of stenciling....i love stenciled graffiti...

  2. may I ask what material the actual stencil is made out of?