Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Frida Journal

I never get tired of Frida imagery. This is one of my fabric Frida journals. The Frida image on the front was an image transfer on cotton fabric and my home printer. And I used my favorite polka dots prints and lots of green buttons.

Some pages.

This is an altered enlarged photograph with stickers, paint and collage.

Frida rubber stamp on painted paper.


  1. love this!! some favorites: the polka dots, the red envelope with the hand, frida with wings, the back with the leaf, the page with the frida stamp on the painted paper. beautiful work!

  2. Gorgeous! Did you know that several cities in the US have groups of female artists called the Fridas?
    I know two of the Phoenix Fridas, and I am going to tell them to come take a peek!

  3. so beautiful! full of life and color. i love the artist tip, too! so true.