Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hot Water Bottle Journal, My Version

After cutting the hot water bottle in half, you will have enough to make two smallish books. I didn't think I would like this book. But the cover feels really cool and I think it's going to be really durable. I'm going to carry it around as my purse journal and see how it holds up.
The original had metal grommets for the closure. I went to the store to get some and they were like 8 bucks with the setting tool. I decided that the idea of the book was not to go out an buy new stuff, so I should find something that I had. So, I went home and used an orange binder clip for the closure. I like it! And super easy.

I added some colored end pages for each signature and hand stitching around the edges.

I love the binding on this book, very simple with an x-stitch. It was easy to sew through the rubber. But it was not east to mark the placement of the holes. I didn't want to use a sharpie and a pencil doesn't work. So, I poked the holes first with an awl. That made it a little bit easier.

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