Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Roxie and Re-bound"

I am always buying books, but I am becoming more discerning in my choices. This basically a book about creating books and journals from recycled and re-purposed materials, by Jeannine Stein, Quary Press. I had this idea after seeing the movie "Julie and Julia" that I would get this book and make on one book a week, something like "Roxie and Re-bound". Then real life set in, I have so many other projects that I have to balance. I will try and do maybe 5-7 of the books, there are 17 books in all. I want to try and make some books that I wouldn't automatically gravitate to. I figure I will learn some new tips and techniques that way. And I want to try and use what I have already, but I will allow myself a trip or two to the second-hand store for materials, if I have to!
This the first book I thought I would try. It looked pretty easy and I had a hot water bottle.


  1. Ok, how crazy is this? I first saw this book on my way to the airport (with most of the day to kill before the plane took off) after your classes at ArtFiberFest. I didn't need one more thing to add to my overbulging luggage, so I got it when I got home and have done nothing with it yet, except stare at the pages. YOur water bottle book looks great. Show us what you make.(on your own or in the book) You are miles ahead of me on this one already.

  2. I bought this book too... and haven't even looked at it yet... too busy I guess! Will enjoy your journey through it!