Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stencil Party

Yesterday was my birthday and for the past few year I always try and have a paint party for part of the day. I decided this year to get out my big stencils and spray paints and go at it in the backyard. I do hate the smell and I always let the paper outgas for days outside and in the garage. But I do love the results.
The stencils are a mish-mash of found, created, and a few purchased. I mostly like to make stencils from old manila folders or transparencies.

This has three layers and needs more, I may hand-paint on top of some of these. I did these on some really large sheets of watercolor paper.

This was the last one of the day and I finally started to get the affect I wanted. I'm always willing to work through stuff I don't really like to get to what I want. Besides I can always add layers until something happens. This big loopy stencil was actually a piece of plastic I found in the street walking to work, SCORE!

These are bound to be cut up and used in journals to make books etc.etc. My new favorite color of spray paint is the lavender, especially paired with the orange.


  1. This is all so much fun, Happy Birthday!! Your paintings are awesome!!

  2. happy late birthday! stencil lovin