Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Journal

I think the original piece of fabric was a tan polka dot before I started painting on it. The face is a little stencil I made from a photo from a book. You may see this journal in a new publication with full instructions sometime this year.
Inside of the journal, used a bunch of my painted paper stash.

Hand painted eye with stencil sewed to the back of the cover.

Front and back of the book.


  1. Wonderful! Let us know when it's going to be published.. would love to know more about how it's done.

  2. I LOVE it! I'd love to see the instructions.
    I think I'll make one as a sketch book and carry it around with me 24/7...

  3. This is alive and full of color and texture! I love it...gonna be great to work in!

  4. Love your new journal. Congratulations on being published..

    I have enjoyed visiting your are very talented....

  5. LOVE the journal! I really like the inside pocket :) I'm a big fan of pockets! So fun!