Sunday, January 16, 2011

Painting Time

I decided it was time to replenish my painted paper stash. Today I will work on more yellows, greens and some black and white. This is a great thing to do when I want to be creative but don't want to think to hard. I still get excited every time I make a sheet of cool paper.
For paste paper, I paint a bunch of solid colors sheets of paper first and then apply the second layer and run the combs through. I use acyclic paint thinned with matte medium for the first layer, second layer I add glazing liquid to slow the drying time down, so I have time to drag the combs through. I don't really like the cooked paste people unusually use for paste paper. I like the intense color I get with acyclic.

I usually work with one color family at a time making several sheets of a color before moving on to the next color family. This one I did with one stencil that I cut out, I use a roller brush and I use the stencil as a negative and then flip the stencil over and print with it as the reverse.

One of my favorite colors combo's magenta and chartreuse.


  1. loving all those papers! great color choices!

  2. mmm hmmm... they look wonderful!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous papers! Love the oval shapes you have going on!

  4. I have started experimenting with paste papers. I am in your "Go Figure" workshop in April.