Friday, March 25, 2011

New Canvas for Artfest

I had to make a few new pieces for Artfest, plus I need a new canvas bag! I made this bird stencil, my source of inspiration was a gift bag. The bag had a great bird shape on it. Now I look at all the gift bags, some really have good graphics on them.
You never know how a piece is going to turn out. This one began life a dark brown piece of bottom weight fabric that I used as a table cover for painting on. Many layers later, I really ended up liking it. I think the ones that are less precious, I end up liking the best.

I painted this one on really nice piece of tan linen. The images are really crisp on this type of fabric. I brush painted areas, stenciled, stamped, made crayon rubbings, used water soluble crayons and pencils to create the layers. I have to add a few more layers.
This is so much fun to me!


  1. I am taking your painting on canvas class at Artfest. These pictures are great! I can hardly wait!

  2. Wonderful artwork!
    Love your use of colors and stencils.

  3. Gorgeous, as usual. I just never get tired of seeing your stuff, whatever it is!

  4. these are so colorful! lovely feast for the eyes! i wish i were going to artfest this year. sigh. maybe next year! ;) i like what you said about liking the "less precious" stuff. i feel like i create my best stuff sometimes when i'm not worried about it or attached to it. funny, huh? :)

  5. beautiful pieces of artwork!

  6. these are great! During a recent abstract oil painting class, I realized that the ones that were my "break" pieces ended up being the ones that I love the most! Just goes to show you that art just comes out of us naturally when we don't get in the way of ourselves!