Saturday, April 2, 2011

Getting ready for Journalfest

New bag, I wanted to try painting on an actual paint canvas from the hardware store. I cut chunk out of a painters canvas that I got a home depot, you know the kind you use to cover the floor when you paint. It actually is a pretty nice surface to paint on. Then I sewed it into a bag to take to Artfest. Good thing I do most of the house painting, my husband will be surprised when he sees the chunk missing from the canvas. hehe!
New journals, I made one for me and one for my friend Diane, who always hosts me when I am at any of the "fests". I always start a new journal when I go away for teaching and learning! These are mostly all black & white and red (all over) which is a color combo we both love. I made the outside binding with some cool black and white tape I got from Target. The front and back covers are made from the backs of canvas tablets that I recycled. Old buttons and scraps from my painted stash and collage papers for the pages. NO new materials where harmed in the making of these journals! (Just the tape)


  1. looking forward to your class "Go Figure". This may be totally crazy - but what is a 'collage pack'? Should I assume it's an assortment of collage papers of my choosing?
    thanks, maria

  2. Roxanne, ignore me. I just saw the line that reads "kit includes" ! :)

  3. The bag is stunning! Love the colours and textures all mixed together. The journals look fab too, have a great time at artfest! x

  4. I really love that bag, nice colours!!!