Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back from Artfest

Back from Artfest, lot's of ideas floating around in my head. I still have to unpack all my art stuff and start a new journal. But I wanted to say thank you to all the artists who signed up for my classes. I always tell everyone in my classes that we are are all teachers and learners. We all have something to share with one another. I always try to give 110% when I teach a class, but when I stop learning that is also the day I stop teaching. Thanks to all who come to class and try something new and put themselves out there. I ask my students to try something different, a new technique or a new color pallet and they never disappoint!

This is a canvas we did in class, each person added something to the canvas as the day went on. I usually have an extra canvas in my studio as I paint other projects, this canvas is used to clean brushes, try a technique on or use a table cover. Eventually it will become on of my painted pieces. At the end of the day we cut this canvas up for each person to take a piece of. For me the canvas represents how each person in the class, helps to define the class and what we will all get out of it.
If anyone from my classes, wants to send a picture of their project, I would love to post it on my blog or I would love to visit your blog. Thanks, Rox


  1. This is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing your adventures at Artfest, all the wonderful works along the way, and your inspiration. :]
    Teaching art is so rewarding, isn't it? Love to see the artwork your students created from your class, enjoy your day!!

  2. I spent the day with my friend Penelope at her studio playing show and tell from her Artfest trip. She showed me all her class work. I saw the piece she got from this canvass, which was really cool. Looks like a great class!

  3. I was in this class, and I have all my painted fabrics spread out on the dining room table. I love all of them and am thinking about additional painting/stenciling to add. Could you tell me where you got the disposable rollers we used in class?

  4. Roxanne, I was in your 'Go Figure' class;the woman with the short white hair who felt like she initially drinking from a fire house. I learned in your one workshop the equivalent of three workshops. Next year I'm in for the 'canvas' work!

  5. Loved your class, Roxanne! It was a wonderful way to start off Artfest!!