Friday, April 15, 2011

Iron Chef Artfest Style

At Artfest, several of the teachers were asked to participate in an art iron chef, we were given a bag of goodies and we had to use a minimum of 5 of the items in the bag to create a piece of art within 45 minutes. There was a barbie doll, some toys, a box, a canvas board, some weird fiber stuff etc, etc. Folks walked around and watched as we worked, it was fun and stressful! About half way through, I thought I wasn't going to make and I was going to embarrass myself, but it worked out in the end. Everyone made some really cool stuff.
WE were allowed to bring some of our own materials, I brought paint, stencils and some of my painted papers and colored tape.
Here I am slapping some paint on my project. Also thank gawd for purple duck tape that I brought with me, that is how I bound the whole book together.
I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, but I made a journal from the canvas broad, I cut up all the dolls and stuff and attached the parts to the spine with the weird fiber stuff that was in the bag. Added painted a face , pages, stenciled, collage and called it a day! The items were auctioned off and the money will go to a scholarship for someone to go Artfest.


  1. Wow... looks like a whole lot of fun!
    Thank you for sharing :]

  2. what a fun activity! That would be so hard! I like how your journal turned out!

  3. what a cool, fun, creative idea!