Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mail Art Postcards

I used to do a lot of mail with folks, I think it is time to revive this. These are two new pieces I made to mail to a couple of friends. I used on old "Little Golden Children's Book" that I took apart as the base for the two postcards. I then started building up the layers with with lots of paper, photos and tape. Then I added some more color with crayons, paint and stencils. This one has a yellow paint clip, don't you love those things.
 The legs are a picture I took of my Grand-daughters legs when she has some cool tights on, I have been using those for a few years. The little girl is from an old clothes pattern from the 50's. The black and white street scene is a photo I took from my friend Diane's car, as we were driving through Seattle, then I changed it to black and white with my computer.
These are the backs of the post-cards, hopefully they will make it through the mail. I stuck a bunch of cool stamps on and we will see what happens. I also like to try and mail stuff to myself, it's fun. I have a nice book I have made from all my mailed postcards.


  1. I have a collection of ephemera similar to what you've added to this postcard. Such a cute combination. You inspire me. Thanks for showing your work.

  2. Those are awesome! I love mail art, too.
    Fabulous work. Thanks for sharing.
    I am loving your new book!

  3. I LOVE your mail art! I really enjoy making (and, of course, receiving!) artful postcards. You have a lovely collage style.