Sunday, November 30, 2014

Make your own Pocket Color Wheel

 I purchased a bag of tags at a second hand store, I think they are retail tags or something, I like the text on them. I like to make different kinds of color wheels or use the color wheel as a design element. This one is pocket color wheel.
 I started with the primary colors that I use when I paint, magenta, primary yellow and cyan blue. Then mixed and painted the primary, secondary and tertiary colors onto the tags. You can see more of the color wheel information in my book.
 I then painted tints of each color on a sheet of sticky dots. I then applied the dots to each of the colors.
To create the wheel all you have to do is attach all the tags together with a paper brad. Make sure to arrange the tags in the correct order of the color wheel.
You can move the tags around to try out different color combinations.

Don't throw away the paper plate palette after you are done with your wheel. I blended the colors and then wiped some of the color off with a baby wipe. I will use this plate for collage.


  1. Clever idea, and useful too. I just purchased a copy of your book at Barnes & Noble. I'm liking it a lot!

  2. Thank you! I would love to see what art you create from the book, send me pictures if you want.