Sunday, November 9, 2014

Paint Brush Cover

Don't throw away those old crusty paint brushes. I painted and stamped this old paint brush and attached it to one of my journals. The journal is a project I do quite often, I take apart old hard bound books and recover them with my painted canvas. I added the pages with a pamphlet stitch and colored and waxed thread. You can find this project in my book. Very simple and easy to do.
 I attached the brush after I covered the front with a little bit of heavy black thread and some gorilla glue, then I added the inside cover canvas to cover up the tied treads.
                                                                               inside back cover
inside front cover


  1. great journal! i love the look of the old painted paintbrush on the cover!

  2. What a cool cover that is - love the painting and the brush too. Yummy stuff!

  3. Really great. Love the colors, patterns and use of the paint brush!