Monday, March 15, 2010

Topsy Turvy Class in San Leandro

I will be teaching this class in San Leandro, April 15, 9:30 to all day for the Flying Phoebes cloth doll club. There are still spots available, class is about 40.00, 10.00 kit fee. These topsy turvy dolls/creatures are pieced with hand painted fabrics, some have clothes, some don't. Flip one over to discover another. They are just fun and silly with lots of possibilities to embellish.
You can make them in lots of sizes and some have bikini's!

She has got a small journal in her pocket, of course.


  1. i LOVE these dolls! i missed the opportunity to take your class you offered at fiberfest (i think?) and san leandro is SO CLOSE to where i am. how do we sign up for the class?
    nicole (in san jose)

  2. I have taken this class. Anyone thinking about it needs to make it happen and go. It will be one of the best classes ever! If Roxie ever gets near my neck of the wood again, I am taking whatever she is teaching. She goes way above and beyond to share her knowledge and give your eyes a real treat!

  3. I LOVe these dolls also. They have so much feeling in them and just puts a smile on your face. That's what great art does.. :)